What job hunters can learn from the world’s number one entrepreneur

Keltia Ireland’s Pendulum Summit Experience 2018

Keltia Ireland kicked off 2018 in style by turbocharging our 2018 gameplan with a trip to the Pendulum Breakthrough to Brilliance.  Pendulum is fast becoming the #1 event in Europe for personal development and professional elevation with an attendance of circa 3,000.  Two days of incredible insights on mastering your mojo and surpassing your goals were shared by speakers such as sports psychologist Bob Rotella, tech marketing supremo Randi Zuckerberg, along with Irish rugby star Paul O’Connell, Martyn Newman and Jo Malone MBE. We learnt a lot at Pendulum and over the coming weeks will share our takeaways on making the most of 2018. 

First up? The inimitable Richard Branson, Virgin CEO and all round business dynamo.

Richard Branson Dublin Ireland January 2018


Career Advice from the World’s #1 CEO

After a brief bout of MMA with Connor McGregor, Branson got down to business and imparted the following wisdom:

  1. Promote and protect your brand
  2. Put yourself out of business
  3. When things go wrong – don’t beat yourself up

Promote and protect your brand

Describing ‘brand’ as your “single most important asset” Branson relayed how we need to “zealously promote and protect” it and as engineering recruiters we have to agree with him.  For workers keen to progress either via internal roles or by moving companies it’s vital to portray yourself and your skills and talents professionally and regularly. How to do this? By taking advantage of platforms like LinkedIn and Xing to build your professional network virtually and being brave and ‘networking’ during real life opportunities. If you are job hunting ensure that your CV is up to date and looks well. 

Put yourself out of business…

…and into your next exciting role.  Branson’s advice for entrepreneurs is to make sure that they’ve got someone to take over from them so they can focus on pushing the business forward and not to get caught up in minutiae.  For job hunters make sure you keep your career moving by mastering everything you can in your current role and then stepping up to the next challenge.   Don’t let your career stagnate as achievement never comes from comfort.  If work has become routine it could be a signal that you’re ready for a new challenge!


Things go wrong…don’t beat yourself up!

In every part of our lives there are times when no matter how hard we try things go wrong.  Branson, and many other transformational leaders, wax lyrical on how important mistakes have been to their career. Learn, At Keltia Ireland we’re experts at finding the right role for ambitious professionals in the engineering space.  So if you’re interested in discussing your next career move register with Keltia Ireland, the right role might be just around the corner.