A Big Thanks to Principal James Robinson and his staff at St. Mary’s Boys’ National School, Ferrybank, Waterford who invited our director, Kevin, to speak to their Students for Engineers Week about the Aerospace and Space Industry and the Future of Flight.

Kevin was also a former student of St Mary’s Boys School


Kevin gave a presentation to one group of 2nd & 3rd class students and then to another class of 5th and 6th class students. The topic was the Aerospace and Space Industries with a series of videos of Aerospace and Space Projects that Keltia’s sister company in Seattle, Keltia Design Inc, in the US is and has been involved in for nearly 20 years now. and how the Irish branch Keltia Ireland Ltd plans to promote the Aerospace Industry in Ireland by igniting curiosity and wonder with young minds and showing the practical steps necessary to promote Aerospace education in Ireland with new upcoming CAD Training programs used in the Aerospace Industry to Secondary Schools and Universities in Ireland.


Keltia has been training Aerospace Engineers in the US for nearly 20 years now and these well-developed CAD training courses with software like CATIA are already available to companies in Ireland and will soon be available to Universities and schools in Ireland. Keltia is planning to start its first CATIA training pilot program with De La Salle College Secondary School in Waterford this year along with possibly the Waterford Institute of Technology and University College Dublin.

Kevin also introduced the topic of Neural Education during his talk with the staff and students of St Mary’s Boys Primary School with a humorous theme related to Aerospace

“If you want to succeed in Outer Space it’s important to look after your Inner Space”

and invited the staff to a Keltia sponsored Neural Education Event which will be given by Neuroscientist Dr. Kieran O’Mahony towards the end of April by a remote online presentation event

The Neural Education institute applies neuroscience research to practical teaching and learning methods which result in classroom experiences with real results. “lessons come alive – joy and meaning are brought back


to learning.” Follow this link for more information on all their great work  https://neuraleducation.org/

Keltia is actively involved with promoting the benefits of education with a neural lens that is being developed by the Seattle based The Neural Education Institute whose founder Dr. Kieran O’Mahony is a former Irish secondary school teacher.

The Neural Education Institute provides training to teachers and educators to better understand the applications of Neuroscience research into practical teaching and learning tools that can be applied to real classrooms with better academic outcomes for all students. The main key is understanding how the brain works, what stimulates it, how to identify and remove the causes of unnecessary stress in our current educational establishments and how to harness the brain’s connections in a positive way that enables teachers, parents, and students to flourish.

To find out more you can visit the Neuroeducation website bellowhttps://neuraleducation.org/