Land a great Engineering job with the right CAD skills

If you are starting your engineering career or are looking for a change of direction, you’re probably wondering about what CAD software skills are most desirable and which skills you should emphasise.

Keltia has been providing specialized engineering support services across a range of industries for over 17 years in the US, Canada and now for the last 5 years in Ireland. We have considerable experience sourcing and placing engineers, analysts, and production personnel in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, energy and agri sectors. This gives us a clear view of what skills are in demand and which industries desire them.

In addition, we deliver CAD training on various CAD systems such as:

So, what is the right CAD tool for the job you are looking for?


Solidworks is the most widely used parametric software in Ireland. It is constantly requested by employers in engineering sectors as varied as Precision Medical Devices, Agricultural Equipment to Aggregate Screening Equipment. Career opportunities are equally diverse.

  1. Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor while not as common as Solidworks is in demand in businesses such as Biomass Heating systems, Bespoke Furniture Manufacturers and HVAC building systems.

Mechanical Engineering CAD

Mechanical Engineering Computer aided design Skills and Software

Component Design

Siemens NX 

Siemens NX is a high-end PLM software. It provides a comprehensive set of leading-edge CAD modelling tools and design tools. Demand is steadily increasing for NX in process engineering and automotive positions with an emphasis on NC programming.


CATIA Analysis tools

CATIA Engineering analysis skills

CATIA engineering tools


CATIA, a high-end PLM software, is the most popular package in the aerospace industry and is in constant demand in the automotive industry. CATIA experience is a key skill to acquire if this is your career goal. Keltia Ireland Ltd is currently the only provider of CATIA training in the Republic of Ireland. Our sister company Keltia Design, Inc. based in Seattle in the US, has been providing CATIA training and design services to the US aerospace industry for over 17 years.  Keltia Ireland sometimes has potential opportunities for Irish graduates to pursue aerospace engineering opportunities in the US.

Civil Engineering Software

Civil Engineering Software

Civil & Structural CAD

Civil & Structural job specs are dominated by Autodesk with Autodesk Revit requested time and time again along with the ubiquitous AutoCAD. For structural steel TEKLA, RAM and CADS RC are amongst most sought packages.  Our training programmes are ideal to refresh your skills in these tools.


Which CAD system, which career?

As recruiters we’re interested in the type of projects you’ve worked on rather than the tools you’ve used. CAD skills are transferrable and can be quickly learned but you will make an employer’s decision easier if you can show experience, flexibility and a willingness to learn

As a provider of CAD training we would say it always helps to add a few extra tools to your box of tricks and it’s always easier to build on a good foundation.  Contact us if you’d like to know more about our current opportunities or to discuss your next career move.

Career plan 2018 Engineering Skills & jobs

Career plan 2018 Engineering Skills & jobs