Keltia Cork Jobs Expo

Engineer Your Way to Success at Jobs Expo Cork with Keltia Ireland’s Roadmap

Jobs fairs are valuable events in many ways for job hunters. Keltia Ireland has the following advice for job hunters in the engineering sector to get the most from Jobs Expo Cork.

Plan ahead

Depending where you are in your search journey you may be looking for job opportunities, industry information, company contact information or to benefit from the presentations or seminars at the expo. To maximise your time:

  • Identify your top five companies by checking and/or people that you would like to see on the day. Research the current openings at your target companies and become familiar with the job spec.
  • Plan a route around the fair to make sure you speak to as many of your target companies as possible and fit in seminars and presentations of interest.
  • Practice your personal sales pitch out loud. Whatever your speciality; software, construction, pharmaceutical, design, machining or quality being able to succinctly present yourself and your key skills and achievements is fundamental to connecting with company recruiters on the day.
  • Update your CV and tailor it to suit your top five targets or job types. Write a unique profile at the top of each CV to reflect the type of engineering role you are interested. Keltia Ireland is very happy to receive CVs through our site and advise you on how to position yourself and your skills in the best way possible. CV clinics at the event can be very busy so maximise your time by preparing beforehand.

Approach on the day

Take the opportunity to add a wow factor to each interaction you have on the day. Emphasise your key skills, accomplishments to date, future ambitions and show recruiters how you can link your skills to their company’s requirements.

  • Arrive early to avoid queues and get to recruiters before they get weary. It can be a long day for job hunters and recruiters so the earlier you are there the better.
  • Dress to impress (but keep comfort in mind)! Your demeanour and the way you dress will be noticed. Be purposeful, confident and enthusiastic.
  • Ask for help or advice on achieving your career goals. People are always willing to help someone particularly if you are starting out on your career. This takes a bit of practice so try out your technique on a few of those exhibitors you might not be as interested in and work up to those you are really interested in. If you’re interested in changing direction talk to us about where your existing skills are in demand.
  • Take photos of the stands you visit and note the names and titles of the people you speak to, along with any key points in your discussion e.g. current challenges, services, processes, products. Get business cards where possible. This will all help you to follow up afterwards.
  • Thank everyone you speak to! It might sound very fundamental but always thank those who you speak with. Try to remember their name and use it when thanking them and saying goodbye.

Follow Up

The follow up is as important as the connections you made on the day. With such high numbers attending boost your success by giving recruiters every chance to remember you.

  • Follow up by email and refer to your conversation mentioning any key points or opportunities discussed.
  • Send a personalised LinkedIn invitation. While there mightn’t be something that currently suits you expanding your network is essential to developing your career.
  • Apply online for any jobs you identified during the day. Even if you handed your CV to a recruiter you will increase your visibility by registering interest in the role on their website. Additionally use the information you’ve gained on the day to strengthen your application.
  • Persist politely. Even if you don’t hear back from a prospective employer do check in with them in the following weeks. Organisational priorities can shift so checking back with the people you met ensures you don’t fall off their radar.
  • Analyse your skills against the different jobs opportunities you saw on the day. If there are gaps, could training help you land your dream job? Keltia Ireland have a wide range of training options in CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks and NX CAD software that are accessible and affordable.

The last word

Like all worthwhile pursuits finding the right fit can take some time so be prepared and stay positive. If we can help you with your search please contact us! We’d be delighted to speak with you.