16 years placing High Calibre Engineers 

Our Approach

Keltia’s Aerospace Background

Our Story begins in Seattle in the USA where Kevin Burtchaell, after working as a design engineer within the aerospace industry, set up Keltia Design Inc. in 2000. Keltia has now become very successful at source and place engineering talent with some of the leading aerospace multinationals.

Why we are Different

Engineering Services in Ireland

After returning home to Ireland in 2012 Kevin noticed a similar need among Irish engineering companies who were not well serviced by large recruiting agencies. Keltia Ireland was setup to provide Irish Companies with a more focused approach to finding the skills and people needed for success.

We Deliver Value

Keltia identifying and sourcing talented Engineers

Based in Cork, Kevin and the team spend our time identifying and sourcing talented engineers for a variety of positions from design to production. A difficult job made slightly easier by 16 years’ talent spotting and 20 years engineering experience. Companies, like people are individuals, one size does not fit all, Keltia is interested in getting to know the companies we work for.

Delivering substantial returns on your investment

The Keltia Approach

Our approach and success is based on the knowledge, skills and experience within our team but more importantly on how we approach each and every new client. We are always focused on creating long term relationships. Technical Recruiting is about finding people, We know the value of having the right people and have invested in our staff and technology to insure we continue to provide a top quality engineering, training or team building service.

The Keltia Difference

We at Keltia Ireland ltd are Design Engineers, we are unique because of the way we work with our clients. Our typical client asks us to find engineers with a specific qualification, experience or background. Keltia Ireland provides technical support while we look for the right fit. This includes design, 3D modelling, Testing and analysis. We then take the further step, providing our clients with a tailored training program to enhance the existing team skills, resulting in better cohesion and better results your team and project. In Short we provide high quality engineers with the right experience and knowledge tailored to your requirements.

Keltia Delivers Value

By only sending you the best engineering candidates, we save you time and money, avoiding weeks of interviewing. Large recruiters work across multiple industries, they can not afford to take the time or have the engineering knowledge to identify the best candidate for you. We specialise in engineering people. As practicing design engineers we have the experience to pick out specialist engineering skills. We filter candidates so you only need to interview the best. Our goal is to find the best person and we pride ourselves on being able to do that in a time efficient manner.

We Find Engineers, We Train Engineers, We Build Engineering Teams


Kevin Burtchaell - Design Engineering & Recruiting

Kevin Burtchaell

Design Engineering & Recruiting

Audrey Cullen - Technical Recruiting Specialist

Audrey Cullen

Technical Recruiting Specialist

Vincent O’Regan - 3D Modeling & CAD Training

Vincent O’Regan

3D Modeling & CAD Training